Colleges & Schools

20At Pilates Suite, one of our values is that we are accessible to everyone in the community which includes working within Colleges & Schools. We offer classes as an extra school curricular activity either before or after school, often we are invited to complete blocks of PE sessions during school time. We ensure that our Pilates classes are suitably designed for children and adolescents. Pilates is a low-impact and safer, more healthier way for children/adolescents to learn the basics of posture, the way they walk and even bend over which they will be able to carry through to adulthood. Looking past physical attributes, Pilates will help children/adolescents have a stronger core and help to channel their focus and concentration which in turn will have a positive impact on learning. It conserves their energy therefore allowing them to be more attentive to school work.

For more information on our packages please make all enquiries and bookings via our contact page.